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Top 10 questions about link building

1 .Will “traditional” link building processes be replaced by social promotion and influencer content sharing? 2. What is a good “natural” number for links we should be building a month? We are afraid to build links too quickly to look unnatural. 3. Are directory submissions worth my time? 4. We used a 3rd party vendor to build ...
SEO Ranking Factors 2012 – Infographic

SEO Ranking Factors 2012 – Infographic

In 2012 . SEO ranking factors changed , But some factors never change, First is Content , Vital and relevent content !Backlinks from Social is biggest . Back links from Hubs, Digg, Facebook, G+, Twitter, News. Link mixed stop words, No follow, Then to Trust and authority. See below infographics SEO Ranking Factors 2012 – Infographic

How to promote Small and Medium company using Social media?

How to promote Small and Medium company using Social media ? Today I would like to shar best 10 ways to do Social Media Marketing which you should apply as soon as possible. 1. Viral Media Video/pics/ Report….Content  sharing . The most important of viral is type of content + Creative + Trust + Helpful + Strange + Unique + Celebs + Benefit 2. ...

21 Tools to Unlock Your Creative Genius

It’s hard to stay actively creative, especially when our daily lives are so mentally stimulating already. I know I’ve come home from work, done some laundry, drowned in reddit, and collapsed into sleep because I thought my mental capacity had been met for the evening. Maintaining creativity is often the biggest roadblock for those creating fresh ...

Why Content Marketing is a Great SEO Strategy, Not a Short-Term Tactic

Content marketing is a great SEO strategy – even better better than link building. Shifting your strategy from search marketing to content marketing is increasingly leading to higher search rankings and more organic traffic. Some tests in May that looked at the impact of Google+ to organic search performance produced some interesting results. I analyzed ...

Trust Flow & Citation Flow, MajesticSEO’s New Link Metrics

The basis of how good a website’s SEO value is is judged on many aspects, but most consider the most important factor to be the SEO ‘equity’ passed to the site from external linking sources. These ‘backlinks’ are monitored to try and gain an understanding of the value that they are passing to the site. There are many tools that allow you to ...

100 Best SEO Documents of All Time

Almost seven years ago, I started thinking about what documents I would recommend that people read if they wanted to learn as much about SEO as possible. SEO by the Sea was a little more than a couple of months old, and I started a series of posts that I called the “100 best SEO documents of all time.” I started the series knowing the first 30 papers, ...

10 Ways to Get Your Content Marketing Strategy in Motion

Content has always been king, but more recently content marketing has started to get more of the attention it deserves in organizations with budget allocated to creating content. In recent years, we have also witnessed many new software platforms entering the market to help companies create content. As many of you would attest, it’s always easy to ...