SEO Ranking Factors 2012 – Infographic

SEO Ranking Factors 2012 – Infographic

In 2012 . SEO ranking factors changed , But some factors never change, First is Content , Vital and relevent content !Backlinks from Social is biggest . Back links from Hubs, Digg, Facebook, G+, Twitter, News. Link mixed stop words, No follow, Then to Trust and authority. See below infographics SEO Ranking Factors 2012 – Infographic

SEO Audit Checklist

Check indexed pages Do a site: search How many pages are returned (this can be way off so don’t put too much stock in this)? Is the homepage showing up as the first result? If the homepage isn’t showing up as the first result, there could be issues, like a penalty or poor site architecture/internal linking, affecting the site. Search for the ...

Why Content Marketing is a Great SEO Strategy, Not a Short-Term Tactic

Content marketing is a great SEO strategy – even better better than link building. Shifting your strategy from search marketing to content marketing is increasingly leading to higher search rankings and more organic traffic. Some tests in May that looked at the impact of Google+ to organic search performance produced some interesting results. I analyzed ...