How to promote Small and Medium company using Social media?

How to promote Small and Medium company using Social media ? Today I would like to shar best 10 ways to do Social Media Marketing which you should apply as soon as possible.

1. Viral Media
Video/pics/ Report….Content  sharing . The most important of viral is type of content
+ Creative
+ Trust
+ Helpful
+ Strange
+ Unique
+ Celebs
+ Benefit

2. Community

Joining and building communities in the world of social media.
 – Blogs
 – Social Network Services Allows users to set up user profiles, befriend one another,share media files,discuss common interests in user forums, and take part in other community features together.
3. Following your trail

Know what’s being said about you, and how to turn it to your advantage.
 If someone writes a positive review…
-Thank them by email.
If someone writes a negative review…
-Respond constructively to their thoughts
4. Optimizing your content
•Great Titles to catch readers eye
•Easy to Share
•Short and to the point
5. Becoming an expert
•Gain Respect
•Contribute information to your     Community
•Use other sources
6. Aggregating information
•Information related to your business
-Relative to your product
•News Links
•Web videos
7. Engaging with your customers
•Create forum on web page or blog
•Contribute to other blogs in your niche
8. Breaking news
•More news is good news
•Keep updated news on your industry or          niche market
-RSS feed
-Subscription news wire
-Your own research
•Others will link to your site and check it more frequently
9. Building identity
Personal branding campaign
– Relationship is more than content !

10. Arranging events
•Finally, bring everyone together
-Opportunity to meet customers
-Customers meet each other
•Organize a live event
-Real World
   TUANHA @ Vinalink Seo
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